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如果你們對Matt的計畫有興趣,歡迎直接看(https://www.sociability.app/) ,也可看BBC新聞的訪問片段 (https://www.bbc.com/…/app-crowdsources-info-to-help-disable…)


我們非常期待跟Matt見面!(照片截取自"Oxford Imps”臉書頁面)

Last year, Matt travelled from Oxford to the leap to teach improv theatre and critical thinking.

Since his last LEAP experience, Matt has founded SociAbility – a social enterprise that works to empower social inclusion through better access information. SociAbility is a mobile app that makes it easy to find detailed access information for social venues and shops, thereby empowering people with access needs (whether disabled, elderly or pushing a pram) to explore their community and socialise with greater confidence, purpose and ease.

SociAbility is launching in Oxford in June 2019! Throughout this journey, Matt has learnt the importance of building a strong team and surrounding yourself with positive spirits and supporters. Having a strong sense of mission and purpose are invaluable when seeking to make change, particularly in challenging and sometimes hostile environments!

You can learn more about matt’s sociability app here https://www.sociability.app/ or watch this interview on BBC news https://www.bbc.com/…/app-crowdsources-info-to-help-disable…

This year, we are excited to welcome Matt again at the LEAP! He plans to host another awesome improv workshop for us, but also to share his exciting journey with SociAbility.

See you soon Matt!

(Image stolen from the "Oxford Imps” Facebook page)

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