周日是我們Leap story的時間,跟大家分享LEAP的老師在離開第一屆夏令營後將近一年的時間內做了什麼,他們學了什麼,又是如何成長。






It’s Sunday and time for our third, weekly leap story... the time we share what our leap teachers have been doing almost a year after the first leap, what they have learnt, how they have grown.

Last year Cameron, flew to Taiwan from Australia to teach a critical thinking class.

Cameron is a strategy consultant who works in public sector consulting. Currently he works with community organizations and governments around Australia to help them run better public programs in education, health, and much more. He said to us that his time at the LEAP has had a big impact on how He now approaches his work. He thinks about the workshop on Critical Thinking at the leap where students and facilitators all came from different educational backgrounds, spoke different languages, and had different ways of seeing the world. He said It was beautiful how, in this group, we all played a role in helping each other to understand and learn - by repeating things for each other, or translating to a different language, or explaining something a different way. We were learning as a single organism, instead of as a bunch of individuals.

Now, when he facilitate meetings with community members or clients, He tries to create this same atmosphere of the LEAP. Last month He facilitated meetings in a remote Indigenous community, which is planning what the future economy might look like as the region transitions away from mining. In one workshop, about the education system, everything seemed to click. The conversation moved back and forth from English to the local language, from big groups to small groups, from inside to outside - whatever felt right, to ensure everyone in the group could engage and contribute.

This year Cameron will not be able to come back to the leap but what he brought us will stay with us, and we will continue building upon it.

Thank you Cameron, for your enormous contribution, generosity and commitment to others. We are lucky to have such beautiful souls contributing to our students.



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