這週的Leap stories要帶大家認識Bayeshan!



此外,她今年也完成了第一次功能運動系統訓練(Functional Movement System),這是一種基於基礎運動發展模式的運動檢測和訓練方法,可以根據每個人的運動模式去客製化訓練。


去年Bayeshan 寫的文章看這:https://reurl.cc/eg3DK

Half American, Half Taiwanese Bayeshan came back to taiwan last year to participate in the leap and introduce us through a lecture and a yoga practice to the powerful connections between our minds and our bodies: how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes can positively or negatively affect our health, and how what we do with our physical body can impact our mental state.

After the LEAP, Bayeshan continued to build her expertise in this field, enrolling in a masters program in clinical mental health where she now focuses on somatic psychology and interpersonal neurobiology, giving her plenty of foundations and ideas for her classes at the leap!

In addition, this year, she has also completed her first Functional Movement System training which is a movement screen and training approach that is based off fundamental developmental movement patterns, so that each person's training can be customised to their movement pattern.

We are excited to haveBayeshan again this year who will introduce us to her ideas behind self-care, self-compassion, and give us a class on the "neurobiology of adolescence” !

You can find Bayeshan’s blog post here:https://reurl.cc/eg3DK

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