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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

LEAP 實在太棒了。今年我和我的同伴來到LEAP 和這些仍在尋找自己的聲音的年輕學生分享我們對口技和饒舌的熱情。在課程中我們力圖告訴學生:脆弱的力量是很大的,若能有勇氣展現脆弱、不完美的一面,你將會非常強大。運用這個觀念,我們開始讓學生在同儕間嘗試發出自己不同的聲響。

我們的教育理念為強調「如何、為什麼」 (How),而不是像普遍流行的教學方法一樣只是坐在教室裡教導某項知識(About something)。同時,我們也在課程中強調綜效、團體合作的力量,並呈現為何此力量是所有重要、持久的事物或計畫的根本。

LEAP 的每位學生都是獨一無二的,而且和我過去教育過的台灣學生很不同。他們善於批判性思考,也能用全新的方式參與學習;他們擁有很大的好奇心與求知慾;他們對同儕社群和團體合作的意識非常強烈。另外,我感到LEAP的老師們都非常真誠和專業,他們是真心地關心學生。我非常榮幸能成為這個傑出的團隊的一份子。


Josh (Ë The Author) 小一是一個來自北美的作者、詩人、講故事的人,饒舌歌手與音樂製作人。到現在為止出了三張嘻哈唱片,都包括融合中文跟英文的歌詞,還有世界各地的音樂人的合作。

翻著:Shelly Chen

LEAP was incredible. My companion Manav and I came to share our vision and passion with some young kids who are still in the process of finding their voices. We brought our own voices, quite literally, and expressed them amongst the students, though the power of beatboxing and rapping as well as free styling. We were simply striving to show them the power of having the courage to be vulnerable in pursuing what you love and experiment amongst your peers. We sought to emphasize the “how” instead of the popular practice of staying in a classroom outside of the real world and learning “about” something. Also we tried to hammer home the power of synergy- that 1+1=3, not 2. We tried to let them know the power of collaboration in school and the world makes all the difference and its the root of everything substantial and long lasting. The kids were all unique in their own way and also different amongst the Taiwanese kids I’ve taught in the past. They were using critical thinking and engaging learning in a new way. They were extremely curious and inquisitive. The sense of community and togetherness was strong and I felt the teachers were all extremely sincere and professional. They really care. I was honored to be a small part of a greater whole amongst everyone.