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我們在學校是如何學習計算的呢?How did we learn to count in school?



我們學的是 一+一= 二, 二+一 =三, 三+一= 四 …….



我們可以先把 “一” 當作起點。也就是說把 “一” 看成最大的數字,因為它是一個整體。教孩子們先拿一根棍子,如果要兩根棍子得把棍子分成兩塊,三塊,四塊.....



Schools are places of enormous power. What and how we teach in schools has a direct impact on the future trajectory of our societies.

Take counting for example. We all learn to count in school. But how did most of us learn to count?

We learn that 1+1=2; 2+1=3; 3+1=4 …...

We teach students to start from zero and to take one stick, add another stick, and another one… and they witness that it equals to more sticks. We learn to count and to accumulate and we learn that it this accumulation goes towards the infinite.

But can we learn to count differently?

We could start with one stick. 1 would be the biggest number because 1 is a whole. To make two, we wouldn’t add another stick. Instead, we would break the first stick into two, and then into three, into four …..

This would be a very different introduction to the law of numbers.

If all men and women had learnt to count like this, what would our society look like today?

立穠 - Ninon