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這十天下來,我不知道該從何說起 !

這十天下來,我不知道該從何說起... 很多人問我這是個怎樣的營隊,在去之前,我會說:這是一個關於自信和表達。現在我會說:這是一個使我變得更溫暖、信任他人、認識臺灣和自己,過程中也用不同的感官去感受與學習。



在Leap的每個活動都是生動有趣,其中我最愛的是,Sylvie跟Ninon的課-intensive blind fold,這讓我們用除了視覺的其他感官去摸索和感受這個世界,一開始矇著眼睛,有人帶領時,感覺很興奮,有點害怕和緊張,沒有多久,這害怕完全消失,我想這是因為我能完全的相信她們吧!當我自己一個人時,好像失去了目標,不知道要停在原地等待還是勇敢的踏出去摸索,也會很想知道自己現在身在何處,想找到一些熟悉的東西。當我被扶上輪椅後,推我的人速度飛快,我也還是很平穩的坐在上面,Ninon說我是一個很穩的人,其實我是非常相信她們不會使我受傷,突然旁邊傳來一陣笑聲,我想該不會現在只有我是矇著眼的,而他們是在笑我?我的害怕好像又湧上來了,原來我們怕ㄉ不是自己,而是別人眼中的自己。



Amber 是2018 年的學員。兩歲開始就讀慈心華德福,在不同的教育體制下她自主與獨立的個性,還擁有敏銳的觀察力,能看見他人的需要。熱血的她也是個愛打籃球的運動健將。對於攝影、戲劇、登山、獨木舟、與孩子相處、寫生也都充滿熱情。喜歡捕捉每一刻難忘的瞬間。希望在LEAP中學到的事與更多人分享

After ten days, I don't really know from where to start.

Many people asked me what kind of program I was attending. Before I would say “a program about self-confidence and freedom of expression."Now I say: a program that makes me warmer, makes me trust others, allows me to know Taiwan and to know myself better, and a program where I got to use all my senses to feel and to learn.

I was happy that basketball was there with me on the first day, so that the shy me could warm up and create bonds with my new classmates. I was woken up early by the warm sunlight. I went to play basketball. As my new classmates woke up one by one, they joined in, making our introduction all more meaningful. In the afternoon, we went to the seaside. The sand mixed with sea water stuck on my feet and followed me as I walked back to the school. At night, there was a the cool breeze. We played basketball again. Yes, I took three showers that day ! But this time, it was different. People who didn’t know how to play joined in as well.That night was one of my best memory at The LEAP. It made me reconnect with how meaningful basketball could be.

All classes at the LEAP are lively and interesting. My favorite one was Sylvie and Ninon's intensive blindfold class. It allowed me to explore and feel the world with all my senses. All...except for my eyesight.

As soon as the teachers blindfolded me, I felt someone leading me in the dark. I felt excitement, but also a little scared and nervous. But, it didn't take long for this fear to completely disappear. I think this is because I could already trust them entirely.

But as I was standing alone, I quickly felt I had lost my goal. I didn’t know if I wanted to standstill or to go out and explore bravely. I wanted to find something familiar.

At some point, I was put on a wheelchair. A person pushed me very fast, but I didn’t move. Ninon said that I was a very stable person. In fact, I was very convinced no one would hurt me.

But then I heard someone burst out of laughter. I wondered if I was the only I am blindfolded, and whether they were all laughing at me?! This is when my fear came up again. I understood ... fear doesn't show up because we are afraid of ourselves. It shows up when we are afraid of ourselves in the eyes of others. When I understood this, my fear vanished again.

Now, when someone was holding me, I simply felt he was a warm and considerate person who wanted to bring me the feeling of being loved. When someone gave me an umbrella, I simply thought he was a kind and responsible person, who wanted to bring me the feeling of being protected. When Someone made me eat a crisp, I thought he was a very interesting person who just wanted to make me happy. When someone gave me soap, I thought he is a person willing to open his heart and share things with others. He just didn’t want me to feel lonely. And, when someone gave me a basketball, I thought he was a person who already knew me. He wanted to bring me the courage to bravely pursue my dreams.