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但是,當我上任Leap 的第一天,意外的,我卻必須把我原本擬定的完美教學計劃擱置一旁。

顯而易見的,當學生是完全穩合你的教學模形的時候,或是你打算對於個別學生的特質,興趣,執著,脾氣視而不見,則教學是一件簡單容易的事。然而,事實並非如此,就在上任Leap 教學的幾個小時後,我馬上明白如何回應每個學員的個別期待,是比擬定一個完美的教學計劃重要太多了。

因為我原本擬的計劃課程其實都只是關於我本人的一切,我個人所面對的挑戰,我經歷過的人生歷程及我的心得。但其實沒有想到的是,事實的發生卻是在我的計劃之外。 課程結束之後,我有一整晚的時間重新再和學員們討論他們的個案,他們的在校生活以及他們的疑慮,他們進退兩難的困境以及對未來的夢想。而這些是那麼的重要然而卻不是原本訂在我完美教學計劃之內。所以,我的結論是:如何對待"人"比擬定一個教學計劃更是核心,而"創新"永遠是與"不確定性"相連的。

這就是我在2018Leap 教學的心得而我更相信導師圑隊和學員的互動分享會讓2019的Leap 更加的不同凡響。


Bayeshan 是台美混血兒。他在18歲離開台灣,去猶他大學(University of Utah) 攻讀現代舞學位。Bayeshan 目前在西雅圖教授瑜珈,同時正在攻讀臨床心理諮詢的碩士學位。

I had a plan when I came to LEAP. Well, not a completely rigid step-by-step plan, but I spent time writing out what I would present in the “lecture” section of my workshop, and the yoga practice I would teach would build upon these themes and ideas. It had been a long time since I lived in Taiwan long-term, and even longer since I was a teenager in the Taiwanese public school systems, but I tried my best to guess what it was like to be a teenager and what would be appropriate workshop materials to teach. I had a plan, and fortunately, I had to toss it all aside when I got to LEAP.

You see, teaching is easy if students perfectly fit your preconceived notion of who they are, or if you choose to ignore their individual differences, interests, passions, temperament, or character.

Within half a day of LEAP, it was evident that embodiment and celebration of the students’ uniqueness personalities and meeting their unique needs at the moment was much more important than teaching my perfectly planned lesson that I spent days prepping.

My lecture was just me sharing something about myself, I think I talked about the challenges I’ve faced (and continue to face) as I learned about who I was and what “being unique” meant to me. I also don’t really remember what I taught exactly, other than it was so hot in the library (the air conditioner was still being installed) and everyone fell asleep during the final resting (savasana) of the yoga practice.

What I didn’t see happening, was that I would spend the rest of the evening after my workshop talking to students about their experiences in school and listening to their concerns, dilemmas, and dreams about their future. I never would’ve been able to plan these heartfelt connections with my perfectly crafted lesson plan, the same way that you can never plan on how you’re going to fall in love.

People matter more than agendas. Creation always involves a bit of uncertainty.

This is what I found to be at the heart of the LEAP workshop this year. I’m certain that this next summer at LEAP, the teachers and students together will create something entirely different from last year because of the commitment to share and celebrate individual uniqueness.