The LEAP is the Life Expression and Aspiration Project 

- a transformative summer program for young people aged between 16 and 25. 

What is the LEAP ? 

The LEAP delivers personal development with an academic and professional edge. Through multi-disciplinary workshops, participants will learn vital skills in self-expression as well as develop their personal narrative.

The LEAP will particularly benefit young people between 16-25 years old looking to pursue new academic or professional endeavours, such as work or study abroad and with the need to communicate effectively to prospective employers and universities.


          2018.07.05 - 07.16 




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 “The world no longer cares about what students know, but what they can do with what they know.” -  Tony Wagner  

"Because schools should teach the understanding of the self, and the other" - Edgar Morin

Why choose the LEAP?

The LEAP is a bilingual program taught in English and Mandarin, and represents a new model for education in Taiwan.


It eschews rote learning in favour of creativity and self-expression. Instead of direct instruction, LEAP emphasises curiosity and play.  The program blends interactive workshops, individual experimentation, and peer-to-peer learning. 

The skills and attributes at the core of The LEAP are vital to academic and professional success. The Economist Intelligence Unit found that today’s youth will need creative competencies to prosper in tomorrow’s labour market. Despite spending long hours in school, ​Taiwanese students often graduate without having accrued these skills.

Our approach stimulates, rather than intimidates. Participants will be challenged by a rigorous and unfamiliar curriculum, while being coached by young experts in a safe environment.


What we do

Our unique methodology fosters self-confidence and self-expression in a supportive and playful way. Together, we will develop your personal narrative, for you to understand yourself better, and for others to know you better. 

Who we are

Our team includes experienced teachers, successful entrepreneurs and graduates from the world’s top universities. We share a common dream to spark a Taiwanese education revolution. A revolution that focuses not only on passing exams, but also on developing character, confidence, creativity and independent spirit.

The LEAP is an Art / Earth / Tech initiative.


Art/Earth/Tech seeks to offer a new way of living and understanding modern life that is wiser and weller. Co-founded by a group of Oxford-Cambridge graduates, Art/Earth/Tech is a multi-disciplinary community of researchers and social entrepreneurs providing space, network and knowledge to communicate, and co-create powerful, practical actions for this wiser, weller world.

Every Summer in France, Art/Earth/Tech organises an educational program for people, young and old, who have at their heart a deep concern to help improve the world. The LEAP is an extension of the Art/Earth/Tech program, but adapted to young people in Taiwan.


Noah, Civil Engineer, 28

“Art/Earth/Tech Gatherings are completely inspirational. The diverse combination of engaging workshops created an environment that left us buzzing with new ideas, and the appetite to start implementing them. It's so important to have spaces, like this one, that dynamically combine ethical values, interpersonal creativity, entrepreneurship and dazzling ideas. I would recommend them to anyone with a passion for creating positive change in the world”. 





Max, Student, 18


“My experience with Art/Earth/Tech was unlike any other conference I've attended. Even though I certainly learned from all the talks and workshops involved, the focus was more on the people. We were all encouraged to get to know each other, so that by the end I could consider them all friends. I was personally most affected by trust exercises like running with our eyes closed, and a dance workshop which changed my perspective on dance altogether. I was able to leave the Gathering with a more globalized point of view and a renewed hope for the future of humanity.” 


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